Piccolos in the Pub

Flautrageous and Erie Waters, two premiere flute ensembles from the Cleveland area will join forces to present a high fluten' afternoon of music! You’ll hear the flute played in every possible voice range, from the tiny soprano piccolos through the alto flutes, bass flutes, and all the way down to the big contrabass flutes that can only be played while standing. Music to be performed includes a piece by Jonathan Cohen titled “Piccolos in the Pub”, an arrangement of a Baroque work originally written for string orchestra, and two jazzy pieces arranged or written by musicians from the Cleveland Jazz orchestra.

Flautrageous is The Music Settlement's own flute ensemble, Directed by Jane Berkner and Linda White. This group meets once a week at The Settlement’s Magnolia campus, and includes high school students, area music teachers, and flute enthusiasts from all walks of life. They are joined by Erie Waters, the performing ensemble of The Greater Cleveland Flute Society. Its members include Becky Chen, Tom Brown, Suzan Ingersoll, Mallory Krolikowski, Sara Lambert, Kathleen Mylecraine, Linda Miller, Martha Somach, Cathy Spicer, George Sterbenz, Bonnie Svetlik, Kelly Mollnow Wilson, and Jackie Zielke.

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